With the fall of the great Soviet wall “as if the Western world discovered another unknown and attractive country – Russian brides. Today it has become a familiar appearance on the covers of glossy magazines western beauties from Russia and Ukraine. They have a mysterious bottomless eyes, luxurious, natural hair, amazing, amazing for its originality persons who have nothing in common with a standard Barbie. Such a woman, Russian brides ,and even playfully as if reluctantly, has won the hearts of Western men. In Russian brides in the world “marriage market” – a very positive reputation. Not only the “mysterious Russian (Ukrainian, Belarusian) soul attracts foreign princes. Our women are known for kindness and cleanliness, willingness to understand and forgive, be faithful and reliable man “rear”. If European and American fine half of mankind is actively struggling to as much as possible to equalize the rights and responsibilities with a strong half, then in Russia and Ukraine ladies are feminine, and enthusiastically and successfully realize themselves in the role of skilful homemaker. Slavian women – recognized beauties – never let down its natural appeal to the “wild”. They are perfectly able to care and for the family and for themselves, not hitting at the same time in splurging. Residents of post-Soviet space can hardly be called spoiled and unreasonably demanding – so even the very, very average earns Americans or Europeans have a chance to feel all-powerful genie next to our beautiful countrywomen. The Europeans – appear on a variety of polls – very flattering educated Russia, their erudition and ability to maintain a conversation, even on topics that are not traditionally “female” (it turns out, not in vain, the Soviet education system was considered one of the strongest in the world!). Moreover – sometimes darling German or Italian, Australian or American strikes a potential husband is truly encyclopedic knowledge of his homeland, its culture and art. Occur, and oddities – men admit that they themselves and had no idea about what the glory of their city or county, while “ Russian brides ” did not tell. General willingness to discuss and listen – one of the rare and less attractive to men feminine qualities – rightly recognized as one of the exceptional features of Russian brides. What will never be deprived of the happy elect in the future family life with a woman, it is communication. Doubts and thoughts, joys and sorrows can certainly share with the Russian wife “, rather than hired therapist. This attention and willingness to sympathize and help her husband will be completely sincere and genuine, and the council, which would give such a woman, many times more effective than accurately described psychoanalytic “calculations”. Online dating will help you to find good woman!

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