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Nathalia Kaur and Andam to expose in RGV next.

Even before his cop thriller Department could hit theatres, Ram Gopal Varma is planning his next move or I should say a movie, Andam starring Rana Daggubati and the hot bod, Nathalia Kaur. After casting Nathalia in the item song in Department, RGV is smitten with Nathalia, a Brazilian beauty. His full fledged attempt with Nathalia could backfire with her inexperience and lack of familiarity with the Indian language. Just the use of the body could hardly be the motivating factor unless RGV is planning for Andam to be a regional version of Jism or Hate Story.Is RGV expecting that Indian audience is foolish enough to fall for the cleavage of Nathalia? Well, going by her performance in ‘Dan Dan Cheeni’ the lady relies more on her clothes than her dance to seduce the men surrounding her. Even as pictures are released online showing Rana and Nathalia embracing each other and raising the temperatures around them. Drenched in oil and smouldering in each other’s company, the stills reflect the mood of the movie which is expected to be a ‘sleazy’ sight for the Indian eyes. And considering that Nathalia, more or less exposes much of her body in the item song, what are we expecting now? The stills even show Rana semi-naked in his appearance. So, is the focus shifting, would Rana be the one to expose alongside Nathalia? Well, it would work for many of his female fans!!!